AgeCheck - Age Verification of Customers with MicroInventory

There is an additional cost applied with this feature, please get in touch with the sales team for more information

  • As Sellers are using multiple platforms to attract customers it is important to verify your Customers
  • Due to restrictions on some products, the Authorities require Sellers to verify the age of their Customers before making the sale
  • AgeCheck - Age Verification feature with MicroInventory allows the Sellers to comply with this responsibility
    • Its a Smart Solution only available for UK based Customers at the moment
    • Customers are verified through their Electoral Checks
    • Each check attracts a very small fee (please speak to the Sales team for pricing)
    • Repeated customers are verified for Free
    • If the customer fails a verification check, you can request them to send you some form of ID to verify them manually and flag them as manually approved in MicroInventory to save you for future purchases from the same customer