MicroInventory Features - Outline

  • Combining orders - Combine orders from same buyer and save postage
  • Age Check - Age Verification of your customers
  • SMS Notification - Notify your Customers via SMS
  • Import orders from eBay/Amazon - Import orders from Amazon/eBay
  • eBay Inventory QTY Management - Manage your eBay Inventory QTY to manage account limits better
  • Import Orders from eShop - Import orders from OpenCart/ZenCart
  • Import Invoices from MicroInvoice
  • Import Products from MicroInvoice
  • Print Invoices - Print invoices in customised formats
  • Manage Products Inventory in once place

Things to come

  • Automated import of your Orders from Amazon/eBay
  • Auto adjust Amazon prices to beat competition with other Sellers